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About Us

Broadcasting/News publishers & Media production platform.
Creative Space & Content Studio | Multimedia | TV Shows | DJ Live Streams & Dance Parties | Exclusive Interviews | Music Performance Videos | Event Coverage & Live Streams | Relevant Entertainment News Update & Insight | Lifestyle, culture, People & Trends | And Many More.

Our lovely space/content studio is open for content creators in Port-Harcourt. Our setup is great for creating professional-looking videos for any purpose, clean audio, and pure vibes. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced content creators.

We have a good setup for affordable & high quality green screen production and for capturing video of:

Doing a craft ☑️
Comedy skits (short films)☑️
Educational content ☑️
Music performance videos ☑️
DJ Live Streams & Dances ☑️
Interviews, documentaries & News reports ☑️
Event Live streaming ☑️
And many more ☑️