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ASUU president a careless windbag, should educate himself – UNIOSUN VC responds to Osodeke’s comment calling universities quacks

The Vice Chancellor of Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Professor Odunayo Clement Adebooye, has described the President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Emmanuel Osodeke, as a careless windbag when he said universities that do not go on strike are “quacks”.

Professor Adebooye said the state university had 481 full-time academic staff out of which 387 were full-time PhD students, “that is not a quack.”

The ASUU President, while speaking on Arise TV’s morning show on Thursday, described the state universities of Osun State University, Kwara State University, Lagos State University and Kwara State University as quacks.

He said, “Kwara State University is not a member of ASUU. Osun State University was expelled from ASUU for misconduct. We are in court with LASU (Lagos State University) because they sacked all our leaders more than five years ago. They were not part of this struggle”.

The UNIOSUN Vice Chancellor was reacting to ASUU’s allegation when he answered questions from journalists at a press conference on Friday, announcing the approval and accreditation of the university’s Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree programme by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council (NMDC).

It would be recalled that UNIOSUN started the MBBS programme with the approval of the National Universities Commission in 2012. The programme was discontinued shortly after due to some operational problems, which led to the state government transferring the enrolled students to Ukraine to complete their studies.

Professor Adebooye noted that the NMDC not only approved the MBBS programme but also increased the admission quota for the programme from 50 to 100 students.

“Between January and August 2022, our academic staff have proven that they can deliver in research and they have excelled in this tough but healthy competition for research funds. I am pleased to announce that in the last eight months, we have received six grants amounting to about US$300,000,” he said in his address.

Reacting to the ASUU President’s remark, the Vice Chancellor said the Osun State University took it very seriously that he had described it as a quack university and called for the retraction of Professor Osodeke’s remark.

According to him, the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUA), where the ASUU president teaches, does not have the achievements of UNIOSUN.

“The ASUU chairman should look at my profile, I cannot preside over a quack university. He has expressed his opinion and that is his opinion, the university he teaches in does not have our achievements.

“He was here this year and he praised the quality of what he saw here, the infrastructure, very few universities. Osun State University is taking it very seriously that he described it as a quack university.

“He should not talk about what he does not know if he wants to continue to be a real professor. A real professor finds facts and basis for everything he says, he should continue to educate himself, I urge him to continue to educate himself.

“Calling UNIOSUN a quack university is a careless statement that cannot be expected from an ASUU president who is a professor; he must not make statements without facts,” the VC said.

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