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Be careful, “enemies” are looking for loopholes, Kanu tells his followers

The detained leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Kanu, has revealed that the “enemies” are looking for loopholes to blackmail IPOB.


According to Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Kanu’s lead counsel, who visited him at the Department of State Security Service facility in Abuja, the embattled leader, therefore, urged IPOB members to be careful in their dealings.

In a statement released on his verified Facebook page on Thursday, the lawyer said, “We visited Onyendu (Kanu) today (Thursday) at the DSS headquarters in Abuja to update him on the status of our relevant applications before the Supreme Court and brief him on other relevant legal information.

“During our conversation, it was revealed that Onyendu is partially complying with his routine medication, although it is still not being administered as prescribed by a doctor. However, Onyendu is still denied access to his GP. Furthermore, Onyendu instructed me to make the above statements:

“That this critical time requires the utmost caution among his supporters because the enemies are relentlessly exploiting the weak to maintain their status quo and further blackmail IPOB, which is led by Kanu and is a peaceful self-determination movement.

“Onyendu has a tough stance in condemning crimes and dissidents and reiterated that he has never condoned or supported any form of criminality. Therefore, the criminal elements who make life unbearable for our people should be immediately tracked down and treated as such. They have no place in the peaceful self-determination movement of IPOB.

“The public and the UmuChineke (Children of God) should be informed in no uncertain terms that no one is receiving instructions from Onyendu to encourage dissidents and that he is accordingly distancing himself from anyone who is harassing the public with such blatant falsehoods. Onyendu stressed that he has since made his position public, which can be clearly seen in a short clip recorded during one of his court appearances.

Ejiofor revealed that Onyendu reiterated his call for total peace across the South-East and particularly questioned the mental state of those who were relentlessly waging war against his people.

Kanu had said IPOB was founded on a peaceful foundation and was in line with the universally recognised right of indigenous peoples to self-determination as clearly enshrined in the existing laws.

He concluded by noting that Kanu UmuChineke recalled that the “successive landmark victories he recently won against the Federal Government in various courts of competent jurisdiction may not have gone down well with his persecutors, including the FG. He therefore insists that all hands must be on deck for reasonable people to identify the real enemies in our midst and those being used by the establishment to try to incriminate and/or blackmail him.”

The lawyer also pointed out that it was very likely that the Supreme Court would soon set a date for the hearing of Kanu’s appeal against the order staying the execution of the sentence that set him free.

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