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How did Portable wipe his tattoos?

How did Portable wipe his tattoos?

How did Portable wipe his tattoos?

For those who didn’t catch it: This is why aspiring singer Portable and show promoter Kogbagidi is the talk of Nigeria’s micro-blogging platform Twitter today, March 7, 2022:

Over the weekend, Kogbagidi was seen in a video with Zlatan in London, either on his way to or on his way from Davido’s show at the 02 Arena, and as they were fooling around in front of the camera, Zlatan acted as hypeman and announced the presence of Kogbagidi in his company as Zazu manager, and Kogbagidi responded without wasting time by rejecting Portable as his artist, he said over his dead body that he rebuke, God forbid, he reject it.

He must have hurt the feelings of the Zazu singer, who also recorded a video in which he insulted his estranged manager. In the video, Portable said that Kogbagidi has no house in Lagos, that his ex-manager has a car but cannot buy gas and a driver he cannot pay. Portable called him a thief in the video, revealing many secrets and warning, “Kogbagidi, you go collect.” You can watch the video and share your thoughts on it below.

But that’s not the gist of this post, also let’s leave if his constant calling or pulling people on social media is staged for publicity or PR for his upcoming releases or shows, or the impact this way of addressing issues will have on his rising career for another day (or is it for another post).

The bottom line of this post is that we noticed that Portable is not wearing any tattoos in this latest video. His skin even glows; the boy looks fresh and clean. And we and some others are wondering how he did it. Please, how did Portable wipe off his tattoos? If you know, answer and comment below.

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