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Killings: Anambra community bans youth activities

Nteje community in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State has banned all activities of youths in a bid to curb unrest and insecurity in the area.

Soldiers recently invaded the community claiming they were looking for criminals described as “unknown gunmen,” killing about six youths.

The general president of the community, Chidiebele Obika, stated this on Sunday during a meeting of the community’s various groups, including the Nteje Development Union, the women’s group and the community’s preservers of culture and traditions.

Obika told those present that the municipality has abolished indiscriminate sale of land as the youths of the community have become lazy due to the revenue generated from such sales.

He said, “Today’s insecurity in Nteje municipality pains us and we have gathered here to take action to address some of the root causes.

“I am sure our youths are not members of the Indigenous People of Biafra or the Eastern Security Network.

“But we know that we have unruly youths and we are taking steps to contain them. That is why we have decided that as of today, all youth activities in the community must be scrapped and all youth leadership must be disbanded.

“Under the guise of youth leaders, some people have become a terror to the community, and this must stop. When we are ready to hold elections for youth groups, we will announce it, and people will elect their leaders, not a person who stands up and usurps leadership.

“Also, the indiscriminate sale of land has caused our youth to be lazy and rely only on the sale of land for income. This has led to most of our land being sold by people illegally.

“As of today, anyone who wants to sell land must inform their family, who in turn inform the ojiana (guardians of tradition), who then inform the community leadership. The same goes for anyone who wants to buy land in Nteje.

During the meeting, the municipality also stated that it would start registering all non-indigenous people living in the municipality, as it had found that some non-indigenous people were involved in insecurity in the area.

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