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NBA-AGM: I cannot submit to the system – Sowore

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress has clarified his absence from the annual general meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association.

Sowore claimed that the leadership of the NBA as well as some invited politicians were probably afraid of his presence at the programme.

He noted that he could not change his strategy to fit into a status quo that was not working and that he could not submit himself to be recognised or invited to this or other programmes.

Sowore made the comments in an interview with the Arise TV Morning Show on Sunday, responding to questions about his ambitions for 2023 and his absence from the NBA programme.

Sowore said, “I think it was a political decision by the NBA leadership that some of us, especially me, should not be in that series. I think that was wrong of them. That’s how elections are rigged beforehand. They know that if I were to show up, I would say things that could upset the invitees.

Sowore further said, “Maybe these people (some politicians) have asked in advance that they should not get their knickers in a twist,” saying, “Don’t bring people like Sowore here who come and say things that would make us uncomfortable.

“I have pointed out to the president of the NBA, Olumide Akpata, that this is wrong and unfair,” he added, saying he expected the NBA to bring justice and balance to the political process.

The human rights activist also said he was not ready to change his strategy because diplomacy had not worked in the fight for the freedom of Nigerians.

“The only strategy that is important is the strategy that is important to free the Nigerian people from the misery that has been thrust on them.

“I cannot change the strategy that tells you that when you wake up in the morning, you deserve food, work, a hospital and good roads. You deserve a functioning education system; you deserve a system that works for your existence and your dignity as a citizen.”

“To change this strategy means that I must be one of the people who meet in obscurity, in London and other parts of the world to determine the political future of Nigeria without Nigerians. What we need to do is to reach out to the Nigerian people,” Sowore said.

Sowore also noted that some media outlets were not giving him the same platform as other candidates, adding that the media needed to do more to ensure balance and fairness based on ethics.

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